How to Request a Course –

  1. Select the course(s) you would like to request.
  2. Complete and submit the “Request a Course” form on website.
  3. A “Request Received” confirmation email will be sent to the email address submitted on the online request form.
  4. Once the request has been reviewed, you will receive either confirmation of date availability or suggestions of other available dates.
  5. A Course Confirmation Agreement will be forwarded to requestor for signature.
  6. A base flyer will be sent separately to the requestor which can be modified with details.
  7. Course date, location and registration instructions will be posted on, unless Requester specifies otherwise.

Joi Bostic’s Responsibilities

  1. Provide the course sign-in sheet.
  2. Instruct the requested course as agreed.
  3. Provide a copy of the sign-in sheet to requester for records and calculation of payment.
  4. Post CE credits to the GREC.
  5. Keep course documents on file for five years (GREC requirement).

Requester’s Responsibilities

  1. Provide a handicap-accessible site.
  2. Provide a screen and projector for use during the course. If audio equipment is needed, it will be indicated on the Course Confirmation Agreement.
  3. Promote the course.
  4. Set the attendee registration fee. (Attendee registration fee is what you charge the attendee which can be different from the fee owed to Joi Bostic.)
  5. Handle registrations for the CE courses. Joi Bostic will handle registrations for designation courses.
  6. Provide and handle refreshments if offering.
  7. Submit course payment (and travel expenses, if necessary) within 15 days of course completion. All payments made payable to Joi Bostic.

 Cancellation Policy:

Since the instructor reserves time to instructor a course, the Requester must advice Joi Bostic in writing if a course needs to be cancelled or rescheduled.  Cancellation of a course may not relieve the Requester of the obligation to pay a fee.

A class may be cancelled in writing up to five business days prior to the date of a class without financial penalty.  If the cancellation is less than five business days prior to the date of the class, the requester will pay Instructor a $100.00 cancellation penalty fee.


Course Fees

  • One 3-hour CE Course: Paid by the Requestor to Joi Bostic is calculated at $28 per attendee with a minimum of 15 attendees.
  • Two 3-hour CE Courses held on the same day or one 6-hour CE Course: Paid by the Requestor to Joi Bostic is calculated at $28 per attendee with a minimum of 30 attendees.
  • If the course location is within 40 miles of the center of Atlanta, no travel costs will be charged. Outside of 40 miles, Requestor will be charged at current IRA mileage rate ($.535/mile).  Requestor will also be responsible for lodging reimbursement if necessary.
  • The Requestor must pay Joi Bostic a per attendee fee whether or not the attendee is receiving CE, licensed, or non-licensed. (The exception is for any person brought by instructor.)