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Three P’s of Sensitivity – Proact, Prevent, Protect

The real estate market has changed tremendously in recent years; these changes have caused many real estate professionals to adopt new business practices. One way has been the increase of lease transactions. The shift means that we are now handling more sensitive information than ever before. Inherent in each transaction is the exchange of highly sensitive information from prospective tenants. However, did you know that there are state and federal laws which regulate how information must be handled? And yes, they apply to us as well. This course will cover proactive actions agents can take, preventative actions to avoid violations and protective learning procedures to follow. It’s the LAW!

Phantom of The Agent in Three Acts: BRRETA, RESPA & Fair Housing

The cast has been selected: agents as the main characters and buyers, sellers, lenders and closing attorneys as supporting cast.  The curtain goes up and for some reason most of the cast has forgotten their lines.  Doing so can lead to disaster.  So a dress rehearsal is needed to make sure agents know their motivation, lines, placement and movement to have an award-winning performance.  This course is that dress rehearsal- it will study three regulations agents must comply with and be aware of the limitations on their actions: Brokerage Relationships in Real Estate Transactions Act (BRRETA), Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA), and Fair Housing Act.  Students will participate in three very interactive games to review each law and ascertain what is permitted and prohibited under each.

Don’t Break It So It Won’t Break You – Required License Law Review

THIS COURSE SATISFIES THE GREC REAL ESTATE LICENSE LAW EDUCATION REQUIREMENT. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse of breaking it. Not being aware of acceptable real estate practices and procedures does not prevent license revocation. Most practicing real estate professionals took the pre-license course a long time ago. The purpose of this course is to review several laws, rules and practices that guide the real estate industry in Georgia. Join the fun of competing in a game while refreshing yourself about crucial information that guides our work. (This course provides both Real Estate Licensee CE credit and Real Estate Instructor CE credit.)