You have successfully obtained your salesperson license.  And you just discovered that you really don’t know what to do next.  You feel staled before you even get going.  You need a Jump Start.  This series of courses will guide you on the road to success.  During the course, you will learn how to obtain clients; effectively work with and represent buyers and sellers; negotiate desirable terms; price property properly; and utilize contract forms shrewdly.  As a bonus, by the completion of this series, you will have fulfilled your license law requirement.  This way you will have on less thing to worry about it during your first four years.  So get ready to move ahead with Jump Start.

Session 1 – Build Your Business

This course focuses on guiding new agents through the process of conducting prospecting activities and developing a personal marketing plan to establish a customer/client base.

Session 2 – Becoming a Buyer’s Advocate

This course introduces the agent to consultative selling and strategic representation.  The agent will be presented with specific skills and techniques to manage buyer customers and clients.

Session 3 – Becoming a Listing Specialist

This course exposes the agent to techniques of acquiring listings, marketing property and managing sellers.  Consultative selling is covered in relation to working with sellers.

Session 4 – Start with the Right Price

This course guides the agents through the process of researching and preparing a comparable marketing analysis to generate the most realistic saleable price for property.

Session 5 – The Curious Case of Contracts 1

This course will present basic information about what a contract is, how contracts are made and things included in contracts.  During this course various GAR forms will be reviewed and explained including the Purchase and Sale Agreement, Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement, Community Association Disclosure and Lead-Based Paint Exhibit.

Session 6 – The Curious Case of Contracts 2

This course is designed to assist agents in understanding their role in managing the risks of the parties when entering contracts.  Buyer/Seller scenarios will be reviewed in class pointing out techniques to manage the risk and additional forms to include.

Session 7 – Negotiate to Win-Win

This course will equip agents with negotiation skills necessary to properly represent the interests of their clients.  In order to effectively negotiate, real estate professionals must know the tenets of real estate negotiations.

*** Self-Assessment –

Session 8 – Don’t Break It So It Won’t Break You:  Required License Law Course

Ignorance of the law is not an excuse of breaking it.  Not being aware of acceptable real estate practices and procedures does not prevent license revocation.  Most practicing real estate professionals took the pre-license course a long time ago.  The purpose of this course is to review several laws, rules and practices as identified by the Georgia Real Estate Commission.  Join the fun of competing in a game while refreshing yourself about crucial information that guides our work.