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Making the Most of Being a Referral Agent 

After obtaining a real license, everyone is not interested in or available to actively practicing real estate.  Sometimes there are time constraints which limit the ability to be a full-time or even a part-time agent while other times there is a location issue or perhaps just no interest.  So many of these agents decide to become referral agents.  By going this route they are able to remain in the real estate field and keep up-to-date on the latest information.  However, how do they operate their referral business to make it effective and profitable?  The purpose of this course is to answer this question.  Students will learn how to present their value, market themselves and the duties that are specific to referral agents


Business Planning with the Consumer in Mind

There comes a time in every agent’s life when the decision is made to stop the madness and start planning for success.  Unfortunately, many agents make this decision when failure has brought them to the place where they have to choose between ending their real estate career and giving it one last try with a plan in hand.  This can all be avoided if agents would first view their real estate career as a business and view the folks they assist as consumers.  This course has been designed to help the agent create their business plan, but only after researching the consumer market in order to better serve consumer needs and manage transactions.


Time to Go – Your Exit Strategy

Many real estate professionals do not consider themselves business owners.  Thus, most do not view that “business” as having value.  Unfortunately, as a result far too many agents just leave their business to wither away when they decide to retire or stop practicing real estate for some other reason.  The impact is that past clients lose their real estate resource for real estate transactions, referrals and questions.  This course will provide real estate professionals with the skills to develop and implement an exit strategy to establish residual income and continued service to clients.