Agent 0-0-7 – Become A Memorable Agent

How did Agent 007 become so famous?  The silver screen helped a lot I’m sure.  But as agents, we too must become memorable.  This is done through effective marketing. This course will introduce the basic concepts and process of marketing.  In addition, each student will develop a personal marketing campaign that can be implemented immediately.

Attract More Listings

This course is designed to guide agents through the consultative selling process in order to better serve sellers who no longer desire to or are frustrated with owning property.  Agents will further learn techniques of acquiring listings, marketing property and managing sellers.  Creative property marketing ideas will be generated and shared

Business Planning With The Consumer In Mind

There comes a time in every agent’s life when the decision is made to stop the madness and start planning for success.  Unfortunately, many agents make this decision when failure has brought them to the place where they have to choose between ending their real estate career and giving it one last try with a plan in hand.  This can all be avoided if agents would first view their real estate career as a business and view the folks they assist as consumers.  This course has been designed to help the agent create their business plan, but only after researching the consumer market in order to better serve consumer needs and manage transactions.

Hosting A Home Buyer Seminar: Step By Step

This course is designed to guide agents through the process of a Home Buyer Seminar from planning to delivering to following-up.  Students will learn what information should be shared, how to leverage industry-related partnerships, how to select venues, how to manage the logistics for the day of the seminar, how to market the event and several other things germane to hosting a home buyer seminar.  In addition to the students learning how to host a seminar in person, they will also learn how to host an online seminar

Hosting A Home Seller Seminar

It has been said over the years that “if you don’t list, you don’t last.”  This may be the case in many instances.  But how does a real estate professional go about obtaining listings in a systematic way to create a constant pipeline?  One system component should be education.  And that’s where hosting a home seller seminar enters the plan.

There are a lot of existing homeowners, and many either want to sell or will want to sell soon.     The vast majority understand the real estate process as a buyer, but very few totally understand the selling process.  A home seller seminar should provide valuable information to home sellers in such a way that empowers them, aids them in making the selling decision and helps them to realize that it is best to have representation.  A great way to educate sellers is through a seminar.  So, this course will guide agents through the process of planning a home seller seminar and will provide ideas for planning specific content to include in a home seller seminar.  By the end of this class attendees will have the basic framework for Hosting a Home Seller Seminar.


Elevate Your Game: Negotiate To Turn Disputes Into Deals

Negotiating effectively is an art form which many of us are not confident in doing.  To do so effectively requires the ability to change the game – moving away from conflict and toward collaboration. This course examines various negotiation formats and methods so that today’s real estate agents can play the game to win for themselves and their clients.  A full spectrum of tips, tools, techniques and advantages will be provided so that negotiating agents can provide effective results for their clients.  Real-world scenarios will be used to help negotiators apply the power tools, techniques, and tactics learned.

Negotiate To Get What They Want
In each brokerage engagement agreement, “Assist to the extent requested by Client in negotiating the terms of and filling out a pre-printed real estate purchase and sale agreement” is included.  Real estate negotiation is unique because agents rarely have the opportunity to converse with all parties directly.   In order to effectively conduct this task, real estate professionals must know the tenets of real estate negotiations and how to negotiate in order to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement between parties.  To successfully represent your clients, you must hone your negotiation skills in order to prepare airtight contracts and get what your clients really want.  This course will equip students with tactics to improve real estate negotiation skills and mistakes to avoid.  There will be many opportunities for students to practice during the course through case studies and guided activities which involve completing real estate agreements.

Customer Service

Keep ‘Em Coming Service

How you define service frames how you interact with every customer you encounter whether internal or external.  As real estate professionals, we are judged on the type of service we provide daily.  Since our livelihood and continuation in this business are based upon how customers feel about our service, a bad review can essentially end our career.  This course is designed to guide the student in defining service that fits for them and provide many opportunities to practice the techniques shared.  This is a highly interactive course so come ready to learn, ready to move and ready to give the best service possible.